At Totty Chiropractic

Encompass Health
A high quality, low cost  healthcare option for individuals
with no insurance or high deductible plans. We do not accept insurance.
At Encompass Health, our goal is to deliver exceptional, compassionate, and personal care to patients that are people first.

At our Hendersonville Office
inside Totty Chiropractic...
Migraine Relief                        Joint Injections
Weight Loss Assistance       Trigger Point Injections
Vitamin injections                 Occipital Nerve Blocks

No Appointment Necessary!
Walk Ins and New Patients 

                 Hydration Services

Special compounded IV infusions are available to help treat ailments such as migraines, dehydration, fatigue, overindulgence- hangover, and jet lag. There are infusions that have general wellness benefits. IV hydration is also available for sport performance and athletic recovery that aid in muscle repair and increase length and productivity of workout.